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PostBase Qi9 Features

PostBase Qi9 Technical Specifications

• Colour touchscreen


• 10mm letter thickness


• Label dispenser as standard


• Automatic feeder and sealer option


• Letter tray


• 85 pieces per minute processing


• Integrated 5kg scale


• Differential weighing option


• External scale option


• Digital high speed downloads through LAN


• Up to 20 different advertising logos


• Customisable advertising messages on each letter with Navigator Plus


• Navigator Plus accounting and remote control through a tablet PC option


• Cost accounting for 100 departments


• 5 different colours

PostBase franking machines were developed by our customers to be easy to use with just one button and a 4.7" colour touchscreen

4.7" touch display

One-button technology

PostBase Qi9 works like your smartphone to make sure that 99% of tasks can be completed with just 3 button pushes.

Smooth feed, whisper quiet

Simple and quiet, you wont know PostBase Qi9 is there with its whisper quiet feed and fast processing speed.

hand feeding letter
hand pushing button

Plug and play

Connect to PC for full control

HP Inkjet printing

Accurate internal scale

Design your own advert

Label printing for large packages

Automatic feeder options

rear image of postbase

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red franking machine with feeder
franking machine display

PostBase Qi9 is a combination of the analogue and digital worlds of mail communication. All of the traditional franking machine functions can also be controlled from the PC with the aid of a built-in self-explanatory operating system.

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